Dedicated to Protecting Your Legal Rights

Cedric R. Brown

I practice law to fight injustice.  I also practice law to assure that you get the money you deserve for injuries suffered.  Your injuries may be because of an auto accident or because of the negligence of a doctor.  You deserve money for your injuries, and I will get it.

Growing up in Mississippi as an African-Americans, I saw and experienced many injustices.  My struggles inspired me to become an attorney who will fight for you.

An Advocate of Justice

I fight for the legal needs of my clients with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  I will review your claim and determine if you have a case that can be won.  If I take your case, I will fight to the end.


Core Values

I believe in honesty and reliability. If you have a medical malpractice case, an auto accident case, a slip and fall case, or a dog bite case, I am ready to fight for you.  Call my cell number or send me an email to schedule a free consultation.

Contact Me

If a medical malpractice case or an auto accident case or a slip and fall case, I am ready to fight for you.  Call my cellphone listed below to schedule a free consultation or send me an email and I will respond.